Benefits of Easy Go

Enhancing patient mobility and independence.
Enhance the mobility and independence of your beloved people. Allows the caregiver to transfer the patient from the bed to the car without assistance, facilitating travel to different destinations.
Strengthening the patient's physical and mental health.
Strengthening the physical and mental health of patients by facilitating the change of posture from lying down for prolonged periods of time to a sitting position, enabling them to perform the necessary functions, such as using the toilet, which is beneficial to the digestive and urinary systems
Contributing to the patient's happiness.
By contributing to the patient's happiness , the caregiver can take the patient to different locations, creating a change of scenery and a refreshing atmosphere, such as taking the patient to the balcony to breathe fresh air or to the garden to relax. Prolonged bed rest worsens patients' mental health.
Alleviates the difficulties associated with the daily care of the patient.
Eases the difficulties associated with daily patient care, such as transferring and lifting patients from bed to different areas, such as the bathroom, living room, sofa or wheelchair.
It helps the caregiver by reducing the burden of lifting and carrying the patient, which can be painful and lead to injury over time. This also helps minimize the risk of accidents during patient care, such as slipping while trying to help the patient stand or walk.
With the addition of the appropriate accessory, special seat, saddle, , the patient who has trunk support and little movement in the legs can use it as a walker
This transfer chair is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as taking the patient to the toilet or can be used as an outdoor wheelchair to transfer the patient in a car. It is all-in-one care equipment.
It disassembles easily without keys and is carried in the back of the car. Perfect freedom of movement.